Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)

Liquid Waste Management – Construction of Soak Pit

Construction of soak pit near tube-well for proper disposal of waste water and subsequent recharging of the ground water. Day to day household tasks like cleaning, bathing, washing clothes, utensils produces wastewater around the tube-wells.  Stagnant water is hazardous to health as it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Construction of soak pits help prevent collection of stagnant water.

Waste water gets dispersed in the specially constructed pit through the drain attached to the platform of the tube-well.

We have constructed 375 such soak pit Projects in the district of Malda and Dakshin Dinajpur along with training of the users for maintenance of the soak pit,

using IEC materials designed by us.

Post the construction, we invite the users of the newly constructed soak pit project for undertaking training for day to day maintenance of the platform, drain and soak pit. Half a day training program with IEC materials is conducted, wherein simple ways of maintenance and cleaning of soak pit is demonstrated.